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Welcome to the Hyderabad City Restauarants & Dining Guide. Our food Guru will bring you the Best Restaurant of the Week, The Essential Dining Experience, and of course the Best Value. Whether you are looking for Hyderabadi Biryani, Indian, Moghlai, South Indian, North
Indian, Italian, Chinese, or a great Steak you have come to the right place. Not only do we offer great restaurants in Hyderabad City to choose from with reviews, critiques, and links to the information you are looking for.

Hyderabadi Cuisine - Hyderabadi Biryani!

Hyderabadi Cuisine is a princely legacy of the Nizams, is a blend of Mughlai and Persian cuisines.

The use of ingredients is carefully chosen and cooked to the right degree and time. Utmost attention is given to picking the right kind of spices, meat, rice etc. Therefore, an addition of a certain herb, spice, condiment, or combination of all these add a distinct taste and aroma. Traditional utensils made of copper, brass, earthen pots are used for cooking. All types of cooking involved the direct use of fire. There is a saying in Hyderabad, cooking patiently or ithmenaan se is the key; slow-cooking is the hallmark of Hyderabadi cuisine..

Types of Biryani-:
Hyderabadi Biryani Lamb and Rice - A traditional celebration meal.
Kachchi Gosht Ki Biriyani - Raw meat is stir fried with spices (masalas) for couple of minutes and then covered with rice and put on dum.
Dum-Pokht Biryani - Sow-cooked biryani.

Hyderabadi biryani is served with these below side dishes-:
Mirchi Ka Salan - Chilli Curry - accompanies a Biryani
Dahi Ki Chutney - Curd (not sweet) mixed with Onions, Green Chillies, Coriander Leaves, Mint Leaves.

Curries & Starters -:

Bagara Khana - Basmati rice delicacy cooked with sunflower oil, onion, ginger garlic paste, and other spices.
Baghara Baingan - Stuffed Eggplants, a delicacy where tender and fresh brinjals are stuffed with grounded peanut-coconut mixture and cooked in a rich and creamy paste.
Dalcha - Mutton and Lentil delicacy.
Murghi Korma - Chicken curry
Hyderabadi Kheema - A popular mutton-mince curry.
Chakna - A dish made out of Goat intestines and tripes cooked with flour and other spices.
Pathar-ka-Gosht - Mutton/lamb deep-fried on a stone slab found in Hyderabad.
Dum-ka-Kheema - Made of mutton-mince with curd, coconut, & other spices.
Muthhi Key Kebabs - Meat balls (goat)
Beja Fry - A goat's brain deep fried delicacy.
Do Pyaaza - A curry made from lamb, onions, butter etc.
Chugur Gosht - Lamb & Tender tamarind leaves curry.
Boti Kabab - Minced meat delicacy.
Tamate Ka Kut - Made with tomatoes and often boiled eggs are added to it.
Katti Dal - Made with masoor dal (Red Lentil), Tomatoes & other spices
Rawghani Roti - A type of Bread.
Pasande Kabab - Made of lamb with curd and other spices
Khagina - Made with onions and the fried eggs.
Nihari Paaya - A breakfast dish made of Goat's feet & Tongue.

Desserts -:

Qubani Ka Meetha (Khubani-ka-Meetha) - Apricot Pudding, Toppings with almond and cream. The original recipe is a translucent liquid.
Double Ka Meetha - Bread Pudding topped with dry fruits, a derivative of mughlai dessert Shahi tukre.
Gil e Firdaus or Kaddu-Ki-Kheer - Kheer made from kaddu.
Sheer Korma - Vermicelli Pudding - Sheer means Milk and Korma is a dry date fruit, is a celebration special dessert, specially made on the Ramzan day.
Badam-ki-Jhab - Known as marzipan.
Gaajar ka Halwa - Carrot Pudding

Hyderabadi Haleem -:
Haleem is a seasonal delicacy of wheat & meat, and cooked for hours to a porridge-like paste. This traditional wheat porridge has its roots in Arabia, known as harees.
Haleem is a seasonal dish which is made during Ramzan (Ramadan).
The high calorie haleem is an ideal way to break the ramzan fast. Haleem means patience, because it takes long hours to prepare (often a whole day) and served in the evenings.

Hyderabad is the places where you can also find international food outlets Like Pizza Hut, Domino's Pizza,  Subway,  Mc.  Donald's, Pizza Corner, KFC, Baskin & Robins, Coffee Day and other popular food outlets are located in Hyderabad.

There are many popular restaurants are located in Hyderabad City.  Don't miss these top eat out places in Hyderabad City during your trip.


Paradise Restaurant - Paradise Food Court at Paradise Circle Secunderabad. Average meal for two coats Rs. 200. A Multicusine Restaurant. Must Try Paradise Special Biryani, & Sizzlers.

Shadab - It is located in the madina street near the historic place charminar. Avarage Meal for two costs Rs. 150. Famous for Biryani, Kebabs & othe Non Veg Dishes.

Mainland China - It is located in one of the top class area banjara hills in hyderabad. Avarage Meal for two Rs. 400. Famous for chinese food like Noodles, Fried Rice, Manchuria, and other Non Veg Dishes.

Bawarchi - Located at the RTC X Road in Hyderabad. Avarage Meal for two Rs. 150. Specialities -: Moghlai, Biryani and other Non Veg Dishes.

Dum Pukht - Grand Kakatiya Sheraton Hotels & Towers a 5 Star Hotel - Famous for dum pukht mutton biryani, kebabs, and all other non veg dishes. Avarage Meal for two Rs. 2500.
The Jewel of the Nizam - (Hotel Golkonda a 4 Star Hotel)  - Located in masab tank area in hyderabad. Avarage Meal for two Rs. 800..
Kebab-e-Bahar - Taj Banjara a 4 Star Hotel - Located in the famous street of banjara hills road # 1. Avarage meal for two Rs. 2000. .
Mediterinian - Located in the area Yousuf Tekri near Toli Chowki. Famous for Turkish Food. Avarage Meal for two Rs. 350.  Adjacent to this there are many restaurants for different choice of food like Chinese, Hyderabadi, and more.
Chutneys for Vegetarians - Located near nagarjuna circle in banjara hills, & also in himayat nagar in hyderabad. Avarage meal for two Rs. 200. Famous for Vegetarian South Indian Food. Like Idly, Dosa, Vada, Puri, Upma & other Veg Dishes.
Pride of Hyderabad - Located adjacent to telugu talli flyover near secratariat in hyderabad, Famous for hyderabadi biryani, kebabs & other mughlai dishes. Avarage Meal for two Rs. 500.
Kamat Restaurant - A Chain of restaurants located in many places in hyderabad. Famous for south indian food Avarage Meal for two Rs. 100. This restaurants serves only vegetarian food
Taj Mahel Vegetarian - Located at abids in hyderabad. Avarage meal for Rs. 150. Famous for south indian, north indian vegetarian menu.
Angeethi Restaurant - Located on Road # 1 Banjara Hills. Average meal for two Rs. 400. Famous for vegetarian food
Ohri's Restaurant - Located in the famous area banjara hills road # 12 & also in basheer bagh in hyderabad. Famous for All Non Veg & Veg menu., Ice Cream is also worth trying here. Average Meal for two Rs. 300
Treat Way - Located in banjara hills Taj Krishna Hotel lane. Avarage meal for two Rs. 200. Famous for vegetarian buffet break fast & lunch.
Water Front  - Located on the famous necklace road. Avarage meal for two Rs. 500.  A Multi Cuisine Restaurant. Famous for thai food.
Eat Street - Located at necklace road in hyderabad. Avarage meal for two Rs. 200. A choice of food available here. Veg & Non Veg dishes, South Indian Food, Pizza Hut, Burger, Subway, Baskin and many other food counters available Here. This is the best place to visit during weekends as lots of hyderabadis visits this place during weekend.
Bowl O China - Located near masab tank flyover in hyderabad. Avarage Meal for two Rs. 250. Famous for Chinese Food.
 Zaitoon Arabic Restaurant - Located opp to SD Eye Hospital masab tank hyderabad. Avarage meal for two Rs. 250. Famous for Arabic Food.

Pubs in Hyderabad!

You are in Hyderabad on an official tour, have an early flight to catch the next day and want to make the most of your last night in the city. How about exploring Hyderabad’s watering holes? Cocktails to mocktails, Budweisers to Martinis, kebab to grilled satay, plain rock to tracks you can shake to, Hyderabad has all that it takes to unleash the night-bird in you!

Zouk - Located in banjara hills road # 1 most of the young crowd gather here during weekwnds.
10 Downing Street - Weekend or not, all nights rock at 10 Downing Street , at Begumpet. Rock music on Mondays, karaoke on Thursdays, a mix of Iron Maiden and Indi-pop on Saturday nights and lounge specials on Sundays draw one and all who love shaking their booty!
Bottles & Chimneys - Bottles and Chimney located at Begumpet Hyderabad, endearingly called B&C, lures you with snazzy interiors, a huge island bar in the ground floor, Continental, Mexican and Oriental cuisine and funky beats. It stands out as one of the city’s truly international bar for hosting events, shows and hanging out with nocturnals of your kind.
Touch - Located at road # 2 in banjara hills. You can either relax over exotic cocktails paired with culinary delights or sway to the rhythm, rubbing shoulders with the city’s Page 3 party animals. Quite a good bet for your last night in the city, eh!
F-Bar - Located at Banjara Hills offers a complete contrast with LED lighting, lounge seating, LCD displays, international DJs and is just perfect for private and corporate parties.
Liquids - Trance and pop lovers can check out Liquids Again at Banjara Hills, another Page 3 hangout.
Firangi Paani - If dancing the night away is what is in your mind, head for the Victorian-styled Firangi Paani at City Centre, Banjara Hills. Their sampler platters let you try their offerings before ordering: good value for money that is!
Coco's - For an out-of-the-box experience, go to Coco’s at Banjara Hills. This rooftop, thatched resto-bar will remind you of some up-market dhaba. Add to it low bamboo sofas, starters and bread from the Tandoor, grilled fish, Hyderabadi kebabs, complimentary peanuts that come with each round of drinks, soothing music and your retro, yet chic, Indian theme-evening is complete.

Hyderabad High Class Restaurants!

Fusion 9 - Located at road # 1 Banjara Hills - Avarage meal for two Rs. 600. Famous for Arabian food, Lebanese, World Cuisine.
Kuchipudi - Located at katriya hotel somajiguda. Avarage meal for two Rs. 500. Famous for andhra food.
Grill Room - Located opp to taj banjara hotel Road # 1 banjara hills. Avarage meal for two Rs. 800. Famous for Non Veg grill items.
Little Italy - Have you ever tried authentic Italian or Mexican vegetarian food? Little Italy located at Film Nagar in jubilee hills hyderabad will help you do just that! Starters like Crostini Della Casa (farmer bread topped with tomatoes), Gladiatore salad, and thin crust pizzas are what you should dig into.
Bombay Vihar - And if you want shudh shakahari bhojan, Bharat ke kone kone se, then you must make a beeline to Bombay Vihar located at (Begumpet) for its delectable Gujarati, Rajasthani and Maharashtrian veg food. Don’t forget to try the palate teasers from the street-food section.
My Cafè Latte - How about spending an evening watching your favourite movie or perhaps listening to the DJ’s churns, with hookah and tastefully brewed coffee, at a place that best resembles a theme pub? Interested? Welcome to a “just perfect” weekend haunt with shorteats, brew and music. Welcome to My Cafè Latte at Jubilee Hills.
Barbeque Nation Restaurant - Located opp city center ANR Centre Ground Floor Road-1 , Banjara Hills , Hyderabad. Famous for Buffet Non-Veg food. Average meal for two Rs. 800



HyderabadCityHotels.com has compiled a list of many restaurants in Hyderabad covering more than 50 places of city. Browse the many of restaurant reviews submitted by people just like you and find the perfect destination for your next trip!

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